How To Pick The Best E-Liquid

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a better, healthier option for smokers. Electronic cigarettes work by using what is called an e-liquid. The e-liquid contains nicotine as well as other ingredients, but in a vapor form. The vapor provides the same sensation as smoking a real cigarette without the harmful effects of smoke inhalation to the lungs.

Most e-liquids contain four basic ingredients. These ingredients are nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG), distilled water, and flavoring. The nicotine is in a liquid form and comes in different amounts. The amount of nicotine is measured as zero, extra light, light, extra medium, medium, strong, and extra strong.

These varying strengths of nicotine allow people to have a different amount of nicotine throughout the day. They can also be reduced to smaller levels of nicotine gradually over time, as part of a smoking cessation program.

The PG or VG determines the amount of thickness or sweetness of the vapor and how sharply the nicotine hits the throat. The flavoring determines the taste of the electronic cigarette. A variety of flavors are available such as classic tobacco, vanilla, orange, banana, pineapple, grape, mint, menthol, chocolate, coffee and green tea.

The PG or VG is used to dilute the nicotine and flavoring. E-liquids will either contain PG, VG or a mixture of both because each ingredient acts in a different way. The PG causes a robust throat hit and stronger taste. The VG has a more pleasant taste and creates higher vapor clouds. Both PG and VG come in a variety of combinations so that smokers can indulge in the benefits of both ingredients.

When choosing the best e-liquid, there are basically four factors to consider: the desired quantity of nicotine, the level of throat hit, the volume of vapor clouds, and the type of flavor. With so many products available, it is relatively easy to find the perfect combination to suit an individual’s preferences. If one is unsure of exactly which to choose, several customer reviews can be found on the internet for additional information.

E-Cigarette Health Concerns: Truth Vs. Reality

When considering a healthy alternative to cigarettes, the healthiest selection would be to completely quit smoking. However, this is not a realistic option for everyone. A current substitute that is steadily gaining popularity is the electronic cigarette, otherwise known as the e-cigarette. Therefore, when an individual turns to this option, they need to consider all aspects of an e-cigarette.

The greatest health concern when smoking a cigarette is the smoke inhalation itself. This has been linked in the past to lung conditions and terminal illnesses within the smoker population. With the electronic cigarette, there is no actual smoke inhalation, merely vapor. It has not yet been determined whether inhaling vapor will cause health issues over time. This is due to electronic cigarettes only recently becoming popular in the smoking community, disallowing enough time for research to be conducted on the topic.

As for the addictive side of smoking habits, the main cause has been identified as pure nicotine consumption. This is seemingly why most members of the populace consider e-cigarette health as superior to that of classic-smoker health. The electronic cigarette allows its user to consume nicotine, while avoiding the negative chemical consumption that comes with smoking the classic cigarette. Instead, the nicotine is presented or inhaled in a vapor-like form, without the presence of burning tar. It still remains difficult to determine whether the assumption that the e-cigarette is a healthier delivery mechanism for nicotine is correct, because not enough analysis has been conducted on the topic. This also includes any experimentation between the e-cigarette and patches or gum.

E-cigarettes still maintain certain social connotations. One being that the the classic image of the smoker is still idealized. This could therefore lead to a resurgence of smoking tobacco in the future, just as well as it could eliminate the big tobacco industry altogether. Only time, consumer knowledge and research will tell.

Don’t Buy Without Checking E-Cig Reviews

When shopping online for an e-cigarette, it is good to first read through several e-cig reviews. Most review sites put e-cigs in different categories based on the frequency of smoking, technology in use, re-usability, and price. For instance, the type of e-cig that may be suited for a heavy smoker is different from the type a light smoker would need.

Submissions by experts and health professionals can help a user to understand the implications of using a particular type of e-cigar. Experts will typically point out the advantages and disadvantages of using different brands and types of e-cigs. Through their submissions, a user will understand the type of smoker they are and what type of e-cigar would help them kick out tobacco smoking and addiction.

People who have used a certain types of e-cigs give their experiences in reviews. Honest user reviews are the best way to differentiate good brands from bad ones. Another person’s experience using a cigar can give insight into the possible merits and demerits of particular brands. Going through several reviews, an e-cig user will understand the e-cigs that are top selling, those that are new in the market, and the prices for each brand. Comparing brand prices for a given category of e-cigs can help prevent paying more for an e-cigar that may cost a fraction of the amount of another brand.

There are many types of e-cigs out there and each possesses certain qualities that make it unique. There are simple e-cigs and there are complex ones, some of which are actually personal vaporizers. Acquiring this information will ensure the device a user will end up buying is the perfect one for the price and category of smoker they are. Without this information, a user may purchase the wrong device and become dissatisfied when it does not serve them as tobacco would. This could inevitably push them back into their addiction of smoking tobacco.

The Choice Of Celebrities: South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has been the number one choice of electronic cigarettes for celebrities and ordinary people. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others have been spotted countless times smoking this unique e-cig. It is amazing that there are many brands of electronic cigarettes available today yet celebrities still choose this renowned brand.

This famous e-cig does not come with any odor when smoked continually. It can be smoked countless times without making the smoker feel uncomfortable in public due to the strong odor that sticks to the body like traditional cigarettes. Its odorless characteristics make it easier for smokers to maintain good body hygiene as they smoke safely.

This electronic cigarette is easy to use since it comes with an inbuilt atomizer. This reduces the number of accessories the user needs to move around with while smoking. The cartridge can be easily replaced with a new one when the user wants to try a new flavor.

Some ordinary electronic cigarettes usually leak the e-liquid onto the lips of the smokers or drip on their clothing. However, this e-cig comes with a silicone mouth tip that prevents the e-liquid from dripping outside the cigarette. This is the right kind of e-cig to purchase to avoid public embarrassments caused by e-liquid stains on clothing.

This e-cigarette maintains a natural feel that makes it impossible for smokers to miss the traditional tobacco-filled versions. One can barely recognize the difference between this modern cigarette and the traditional ones that depend on tobacco as the main flavor. The close resemblance makes it possible for smokers of traditional cigarettes to shift to this modern version with ease. It comes with numerous colors and designs suited for men and women who have a sense of style. It is often described as a fashion accessory that most Hollywood celebrities love to be associated with.